Toyopet: $1 Million Dollar Toyota?

IMAGE CREDIT: Recently, a Toyota 2000GT sold at auction for $1.15 million dollars. Among those in the know, the Toyota 2000GT is appreciated for its style, craftsmanship and performance. But for decades, it has been overshadowed in the collector world for more prestigious and recognized European marques. But Toyota’s classic is finally getting its …

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What makes this Toyopet so special?

The Tupelo Toyopet is the ONLY known complete 1958 Toyota Toyopet Custom Crown Deluxe, left hand drive, in the world. The Toyota museum in Torrance, California has a 1958 Custom Crown Deluxe, but it does not have the clock, the radio, or the "Deluxe" chrome name plate on the bottom left trunk.  The Toyota Museum …

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