Toyopet: $1 Million Dollar Toyota?

Toyota 2000gt (image from
Toyota 2000gt (image from


Recently, a Toyota 2000GT sold at auction for $1.15 million dollars.

Among those in the know, the Toyota 2000GT is appreciated for its style, craftsmanship and performance. But for decades, it has been overshadowed in the collector world for more prestigious and recognized European marques. But Toyota’s classic is finally getting its due after setting a new record for a production Japanese car. The car from the Don Davis collection in Fort Worth, Texas, recently sold at auction for $1.15 million, the highest a 2000GT has ever fetched at auction.


Once an overlooked historical Toyota, the 2000GT is now fetching high dollar in auction – all for a piece of Toyota history.  Maybe one day the Toyopet will be worth as much?  After all, it is the very FIRST Toyota exported to the United States, and the very FIRST Japanese made vehicle exported to the United States.

Who knows?  We hope so anyway.


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