What makes this Toyopet so special?

The Tupelo Toyopet is the ONLY known complete 1958 Toyota Toyopet Custom Crown Deluxe, left hand drive, in the world. The Toyota museum in Torrance, California has a 1958 Custom Crown Deluxe, but it does not have the clock, the radio, or the “Deluxe” chrome name plate on the bottom left trunk.  The Toyota Museum in Japan has a right hand drive 1958 Toyopet Crown deluxe.  There is not another (known) 1958 Custom Crown Deluxe, left hand drive, with the clock and radio.

The other Toyopet’s that are known to have been located are “Crowns” and not “Custom Crowns”. The Custom Crown Deluxe models were distinguished by Crown chrome accents, the clock, the radio, a hand grip in the passenger area and other accents to the vehicle.

Akira Nishiyama

Akira Nishiyama

This Toyopet was also owned by the Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco. At the time that the Consulate General owned the car, San Francisco had the largest population of Japanese people in the United States. During this time the Prime Minister of Japan said that all diplomats of Japan in foreign countries will drive Japanese made vehicles. The Toyopet was the very first Japanese made vehicle exported to the United States.

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